What is MailChannels Cloud Corporate Mail?

MailChannels Cloud Corporate Mail system completely eliminate IP blacklisting problems related to compromised customer email accounts and spam. The Cloud based system use artificial intelligence to figure out who sent each message, tracking sender behavior to detect and limit spamming on customer accounts. Its Response Analytics™ technology understands rejection messages from receivers, helping to identify compromised sender accounts and improve email deliverability. These technologies helps to automatically avoid blacklisting by pre-sorting outgoing email traffic into different risk categories and delivering out of hundreds of constantly monitored IP addresses on MailChannels Cloud.


  • Never worry about return mail and blacklisting.
  • Cloud Ready Clustered Mail Relay: No single point of failure by using Cloud Servers. Faulty Servers can be replaced with no downtime on network.
  • Outbound Spam Filtering: Monitor outbound Email traffic to block spam on its tracks.
  • IP Reputation Protection: Stringent deliverability best practices, done in real time.
  • Real Time Blacklist Avoidance: Automatically route around blacklisted IPs.
  • Compromised Email Account Detection: Identify hijacked user email accounts and applications in seconds.
  • Policy Scripting: Real Time Implementation of sophisticated policies to increase email deliverability.
  • Rate Limiting: Automatically slow down or block users who are behaving badly (spammers).
  • Response Analytics: Understand why receivers are blocking your email and take intelligent action.
  • Carrier-Grade Scalability: Process up to 30 million messages per hour per server.


Q: Do you offer any free 30 day trial to try your Corporate Mail Server?

A: Yes, for selected servers we offer free 30 day trial. Please contact sales department to see if you are eligible for a free trial.

Q: Is there any downtime in upgrading and downgrading?

A: No upgrades and downgrades are 100% seamless and 100% automated. When you upgrade your mail will simply route through MailChannels and when you downgrade mail will go through our normal mail server.

Q: Where can I learn more about MailChannels?

A: MailChannels was started in 2004 by a group of engineers who created one of the first commercial spam filters on the market. They discovered that many service providers were frustrated by email delivery issues when hacked user accounts were used to send out spam. Today, some of the largest service providers in the world depend on MailChannels for rock solid email delivery. 

Thursday, April 18, 2019

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